You would never believe me if I told you that menstrual cycle fixed itself when I started to heal my skin…read on

Sherline White - Holistic Health Coach & Period Coach To Women

I became frustrated…as any woman would if she got…

Tired Of Being Itchy. Tired Of The Pain. Tired Of The Inflamed Skin & Painful Irregular Periods

And I Was Done With The Emotional Baggage That Came Along With These Issues. Lots Of Issues!! Insecurity, Sadness, Frustration, Fear, Worry, And Pain. If You Have Eczema Or Know Someone Who Does, You May Know About This. One Minute I Was Happy And The Next Minutes I Am Frustrated And Worried About My State Of My Skin.

My Eczema Was All Over My Hand, My Chest, The Back Of My Legs. I Was Ashamed Of It And Managed To Hide It When I Was In Public. At Nights, I Would Cry Myself To Sleep. The Pain Was Excruciating! And When I Was Alone, I Would To Eat My Pain. As A Result, I Gained Weight.

The Feeling Of Disappointment And Frustration Was The Driving Force Behind Me Wanting To Heal My Eczema. I Had Been Searching For Years On Ways To Heal My And Did Not Want To Go Through It Anymore, So I Made Up My Mind To Do Whatever It Took To Find A Cure For It.

”I Stopped Wishing For That Radiant, Glowing Skin & Made A Promise To Myself: To Accept Where I Am In Life, Today. To Change Things I Disliked, To Act On My Promises & Embarked On My Own Personal Growth”.<< FROM THE INSIDE OUT & So My Healthy Journey Began. Once My Skin Started To Do Better So Did My Menstrual Cycles.


Our Skin Reflects Our Lifestyle And Food Choices, And So It Mirrors Our Internal Health. YES Having This Disorder Sucked, BUT It Provided Me With The Avenue To Now Be Able To Help Thousands Of Women Around The Wold Suffering With This Skin Disorder As Well As Their Menstrual..My Research & Trial Journey To Cure My Eczema Became An Obsession But A SWEET On! So Are You Ready To Heal You Hormones, Fix Your Period & Live Your Life?